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This site provides instant quotations complete with drawings for various types of shelving and racking.

Getting a Quote - Step by Step:

Choosing a product type
Choosing a run type
Choosing a product brand
Choosing product setup and dimensions
Entering your available space
Viewing your quote
Viewing your projects
Deleting a quote
Editing a quote

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Step 1 - Choose a product type
You first of all choose the type of product you require using the selection system on the homepage. You can either choose a product similar to that you wish to store (from the menu on the left), or if you know the product you require, select it from the menu on the right.

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Step 2 - Choose a run type
Once you have decided which category you require you will be asked whether you are looking for a single run, double run or a full room design. The full room design will literally fill the available room that you have with shelving or racking. This is a great way of seeing just how much capacity you can get in a room.

If however, you know what your layout is going to be and each individual run has different characteristics then choose to start with a single or double run. Normally this would be a single run against a wall.

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Step 3 - Choose a product brand
You asked to choose a product, with the exception of pallet racking which automatically chose the most economical option, to get details of the products click on the image on this page and you will get access to brochure pages of each type of product.

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Step 4 - Choose a product setup & dimensions
You are then asked to choose a shelf length, then a shelving unit height, the number of shelves per bay and the shelf depth. Please note that all dimensions must be entered in mm and all dimensions are nominal this means that the actual dimension may vary slightly but the calculation tool will take this into consideration.

With pallet racking you are asked for the height that you have available and also for details of the pallet. The size and the weight.

The next step is to decide whether you would like your shelving with solid backs, sides and or extreme ends of runs. N.B. on some brands these are not available and are therefore not offered. On short span and office shelving we would recommend that you at least have the extreme ends of the runs solid is possible.

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Step 5 - Enter your available space
You are finally asked for the available length for the shelving. Please note that if you want a run of 6 1m bays of shelving these will not fit in a 6m length as the actual dimensions of the shelving would be too big. We strongly recommend that you enter the exact space you have and leave the rest to us.

Finally you are asked for your post code.

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Step 6 - Your quote
Press get quote and you will be presented with a graphic image of what we will be quoting for. If this is right press “get quote”, if not redesign.

We then ask you for your name company and email address. Please note that the email address must be lower case.

Once you have entered these details please press quote again.

We will then present you with a list price. This will later be discounted once all requirements are known. You now are presented with three options;

Print quote. This will literally print the quote that is shown to you.
Print quote with brand details. This will print the quote with details including pictures of the product being offered.
Save quote. This will allow you to return to the website and retrieve this quote at a later date. You will also be able to add to it and each time you add products of the same type (therefore your discount is likely to increase.)
We will assume that you wish to save the quote. You must first of all accept our terms and conditions and you must register with a password to later retrieve your quote details.

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Step 7 - Your projects
You will now be offered the chance to “assign the quote to a project” There is a default project offered or you may wish to create your own project name. There is no limit to the number of projects that you can create.

You should now assign your quote to your project. You will then see a number of icons

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Step 7.1 - Deleting a quote
View the quote. This will allow you to see the particular details of this quote.

You will be able to copy the quote.

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Step 8 - Editing your quote
Put the quote into the real world. This will allow you to change bay profile add bays etc.

We will assume that you wish to put the quote into the real world. You will be presented with this screen:

Click to enlarge

View edit. This will allow you to view the bay profiles of the run that is presented to you.

Set depth allows you to change the depth of the run.

Copy run allows you to copy the run in question. N.B. at the bottom left of the screen you may wish to change the aisle width that you require.

Double run makes the highlighted run a double run. The run in question is always highlighted in red.

Define run cladding allows you to change the cladding arrangements of the shelving.

Save design allows you to save the changes that you have made. Please note that the changes will not be saved automatically.

Now press view bays. This will allow you to delete bays within a run. Add shelves, Change the heights and change bay lengths.

If you click on delete selected bay then this will give you the option to delete the bay completely to create a gap i.e. an aisle. To create an aisle you should not delete the gap.

Please note that on the screen you will see a blue dotted line this depicts the original dimensions that you entered. Also at the bottom left of the page you will see the details of the original dimensions and the required dimensions for the plan as it now stands.

You will see at the bottom right hand corner a total price for the scheme. However this is not the final discounted price. To obtain this return to the plan view and click on return to projects in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

You will now be able to add a new quote to the project. This will allow you to add a different category of shelving or some catalogue items.

N.B. in pallet racking if extra beams are added the same duty of beam will be added and it will be aasumed that the same pallet load will be put on them. This in real life is unlikely but one of our technical experts will check out your details.

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Single Run, Double Run or Full Room Design?

  • Single Run - Calculates the available length/height of a single row of shelving in a specified area.
  • Double Run - Calculates the available length/height of a double row of shelving in a specified area.
  • Full Design - Calculates how much shelving or racking you can errect in a square area.

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Problems displaying videos.
Some sections of this website offer video demonstrations, instructions to play these will be in the relevant section of the page. If you are experiencing problems displaying these you need to consult your software supplier. All videos are in MPG/MPEG format, and we recommend Apple QuickTime be installed to view them.

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Problems displaying the website.
This website has been optimised for and testing on the following web-browser software:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mac/PC)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Mac/PC)
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  • Netscape

Some features of the website require plugins such as Quicktime or JavaScript to be functioning properly. If you require assistance with these features please consult your browser software supplier.

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