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Protect-it MAXI™
Replacing a damaged structural column can be a very costly exercise.
Protect-it MAXI™ is a revolutionary new structural column guard designed to minimize damage to structural columns and assets resulting from a forklift or vehicle impact.

The unique patented modular design makes Protect-it MAXI™ expandable to fit an infinite combination of sizes and shapes.


  • Prevents damage.
  • Improves workplace safety.
  • No column damage to a 100UC-15 (4") column after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 2km/hour.
  • No column damage to a 200UC_59 (8") column after a 2.7 ton forklift impact at 6km/hour.
  • Provides even impact absorption from all directions.
  • Securely fits around columns.
  • Effective in cold stores as low as -40 degrees.
  • Simple to install.
  • Low purchase and installation costs.
  • Lowest replacement cost in the market.
  • Available in 500mm (20") and 1000mm (40") heights.
  • Fits any column size beginning with 150mm (6") and increasing in 25mm (1") increments to fit any and shape including SQUARE, RECTANGULAR,“H” SECTION, “I” SECTION, ROUND and even WALLS.
  • The entire size range is derived from only one product called a MAXIPAC (20 Maxiís and 8 pins). For bigger columns just purchase more MAXIPACís and connect them.
  • International patents pending.
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